It Was a Beautiful Day

25 Oct

People often ask me, “Martin, if you don’t like cold weather, why have you stayed in the Northeast your entire life?”

And invariably, my answer is, “Because of days like today.”

There was a perfect blue cloudless sky, color-changed leaves everywhere, temperatures in the no-jacket-required range, and people out and about. All of it added up to a glorious day here in the Boston area.

And it was especially great because yesterday was such a wet, gloomy day, so it made me appreciate today even more.

Specifically, I took a drive up Comm Ave., from the Star Market in Auburndale home to the Boston College area, and I passed so many picturesque sights that at many points, I thought about turning on the video camera feature of my iPhone and documenting the drive for posterity. If I wasn’t behind the wheel, I surely would have done that.

I almost wished every traffic light was red so I could stop more often to take in all there was to see along the way — sights like a giant yard sale going on in someone’s driveway.

Instead of a video, you’ll have to settle for these two pics I took near the intersection of Route 9 and Hammond St., in front of the new Star Market, and this appropriate quote from U2: “All the colors came out … It was a beautiful day!”

Glad I got out to enjoy it.

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