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The Rabbi Is Busy

12 Oct

To say that Larry Gopnik, the lead character in the new film A Serious Man, is “put upon” is putting it mildly.

The guy, a college professor, has so much weighing on his shoulders that Hercules himself probably couldn’t handle it.

His wife suddenly announces she wants a divorce.

His son, days away from his bar mitzvah, continually complains about the poor TV reception.

One of his neighbors is scary.

Another torments him by sunbathing in the nude.

A student is bribing him for a better grade and threatening to sue him for defamation.

The tenure committee will soon decide on Larry’s professional life.

No rabbi ever seems to have time for him.

His brother … well, you get the idea.

Larry’s got tsuris. Why is all of this happening to him, and why now? Continue reading

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