"Don’t Let a Cheese Hit Me"

16 Feb

The Amazing Race returned last night for its 14th (!!) season. Even after all these years, the show remains new and exciting every season because while teams will make similar mistakes, they never go to the same exact cities or do the same exact stunts. Case in point: Last night, in Interlaken, Switzerland, the teams had to walk up a steep, slippery hill, where they had to grab four 50-pound slabs of cheese per team, and then they had to bring them down the hill on a carrying device. Suffice it to say, it wasn’t so easy. You can watch for yourself right here:

(If you want to watch the full episode, just click here. It’s worth it.)

Ten teams remain (including one with the show’s first deaf contestant). The show airs every Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS, and next week the teams really get creamed in Germany. One season, I’m hoping you may even see me racing. I mean, hell, if one of the stunts is doing a 70-story bungee jump, then I am so there. The world is waiting for me.

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