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Crazy Love

14 Feb

I’m sure that when I’m actually in a relationship I’ll feel differently about Valentine’s Day, but since I’m single at the present time, I think that gives me the right to make fun of the folks I saw tonight in Harvard Square. (Yes, I know. Longtime readers of this blog will remember that I try to do things I love on VDay, and going to Harvard Square is not one of them. But forget that for a minute, alright?)

Anyway, where was I? … On Valentine’s Day, do couples know how silly they look when they walk around and the girl is holding a single rose with all the care they’d give a child? Or how it looks to all the non-coupled people when they see couples walking together holding hands and looking like they’re out having the single greatest night ever? And how phony it looks when the guy is holding some small bag containing the girl’s gift? Or, better yet, when they’re riding around town in a limo? I was out tonight with three friends — two women and one guy, just for the record — and even though two of them are a couple, it was totally casual. To all who could see, we were just a group of friends hanging out. And I don’t say that to be holier than thou. My couple friends are casual. There was no hand-holding, no PDA, no “couple stuff.” So it was really fun.

Now, I totally get that not every relationship is like that, and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing when couples are affectionate. And I’m also not saying I have anything against couples. All I’m saying is that on Valentine’s Day eve of all nights, it’s amusing to be single and to see couples being all, you know, coupley, because it looks really forced and obvious. And again, I’m sure I’ll feel totally different about this when I’m in a couple; hell, I’m sure I’ll overdo it just like the rest of the folks I saw tonight. But until then … I think this is a funny night to people watch.

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