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Nice Job

26 Feb

Any time I talk about my job these days it’s hard not to feel like I’m rubbing it in, especially since it’s so tough out there for so many people (I know it well, having spent the better part of the past year looking for a new gig). So as you might imagine, I’m a little hesitant to post a link to the story WBZ Channel 4 here in Boston aired about my company tonight — but I’m going to do it anyway because it’s really great. I’m just so happy and proud (and lucky) that I can’t help sharing this with y’all. And hey, before you get bitter, look at it this way: Getting a new job often comes down to who you know (that’s partly how I got this one), and I’m more than happy to be a man on the inside if you need some help. Of course, if you’re not in the market for a new job in Boston, well, then maybe you’ll just enjoy watching the video and looking for the quick glimpses of me. I’m the goofy-looking guy in the big conference room wearing glasses and a navy blue gingham shirt. At around the 1:03 mark there’s a great shot of my back, and at other points you’ll see me from the front and side. Here’s that link again. Enjoy.

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