Life Is Better

18 Jan

I always thought the first rule of condo-buying was “Get a new TV.” Well, I waited to get mine. But now I can introduce y’all to my new BFF, a 42-inch LCD TV from LG. I ordered it from (low prices, no tax, and free delivery/set-up!) and it arrived yesterday. Woo hoo! The TV was intended to be a joint housewarming/birthday gift, but given the delay, and the fact that I also used money I received for Hanukkah to buy it, and the fact that I was holding out till I got a new job, and then I used a Best Buy gift card I received as a farewell gift from my old company toward the purchase of a stand, the TV is like a big ole belated multi-occasion present to myself. And, since I was holding onto the stimulus check I got over the summer to use toward this purchase, it also allows me to play my part in the jump-starting of the economy.

But forget about all that. My new TV is damned cool. First of all, it just looks great. It’s sleek and black, with a red accent around the edges. The picture on the screen is large, it’s so bright and sharp, the blacks are deep blacks, and the 120Hz makes it all even better. Plus, the sound is good (though I’ll admit, it would be better if I had surround sound speakers). Damn, I love my new TV (and of course, that photo up there just doesn’t do it justice). I can’t wait to watch all my favorite shows on it. Yesterday I watched The Dark Knight using my new upconverting DVD player and it looked good. I even like the TV stand, which I assembled all by myself. But the TV is really awesome on a day like today, what with the multi-colored high definition weather reports and football games and all. And with the snow coming down outside, it looks like I’ll be spending most of today on my couch getting to know my new acquisition.

LG’s corporate slogan is Life’s Good. Today I can say that my life, which was already pretty darned good, is even better. Woo hoo!

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