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Lesson Learned

4 Jan

There’s a saying that says if you learn something new every day, then you live a good life.

(Wait, there isn’t a saying that says that? Well fancy that, I’ve just learned something else.)

Well, for as long as I can remember, I’ve disliked the parking lot at the Landmark Kendall Square movie theater, especially in the winter, when not only do you have to stand in line in the cold to pay nearly $5 for parking, but then you have to roll down your car window on the way out to insert your ticket into a machine so the gate will go up.

It’s annoying.

I know, it’s a pretty silly reason not to like the garage, but the bigger issue, I suppose, is that, given the location, driving to the theater is, like, your only option for getting there.

So I don’t appreciate having to pay so much for parking, especially when there are cheaper options available in the neighborhood. Continue reading

Baby New Year

4 Jan

As problems go, this one is not really a problem. Abby came to visit for a few days this weekend to wish me a Happy New Year, and she had gotten so cute (cuter than the last time I took photos and even cuter than the last time she was in Boston) that my camera just kinda went nuts while she was here. (Saturday we even did an impromptu mini photo shoot when she was cuddled up against me in my apartment.) Now I’ve got a surplus of great photos and I’m not sure which ones are the most frame-worthy. It’s a definite quandary, especially because I’ve already got a few photos of her framed and, you know, when do you replace the older ones of her when she was younger with the newer ones now that she’s eight months old? I just can’t figure out what to do. Help me: Check out the latest collection and tell me which ones are your favorites. It’s a tough choice, eh?

Hopeless Emptiness

4 Jan

It’s the summer of 1955 and all is not what it seems deep in the New York suburbs.

The new film Revolutionary Road tells the story of Frank and Alice Wheeler (played by real-life BFFs Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet), a young couple who move to the titular address, where the neighbors all think they’re special and the perfect couple: They’re attractive, they’ve got two kids, a beautiful home, a blissfully happy marriage, the whole bit.

But the Wheelers are anything but happy, and from early on in the film, we know that beneath the surface, this is a couple that is far from in love. Continue reading

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