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Ready for BRUUUUUUUUCE !!!

30 Jan

“We want it to be a 12-minute party,” Bruce Springsteen said during a press conference on Thursday to talk up his performance this Sunday during the Super Bowl halftime show.

“The idea of the show is, you are going to the Meadowlands, you get lost on the way. You are watching your clock, ‘Damn, the show is starting right now.’ You stop at a bar to get some directions, and the bar gets held up while you are there. So that takes another 45 minutes to get out of there. You come back and you miss your exit on the turnpike, and you are driving to get back around. And so you make it into the stadium 2 hours and 48 minutes into the show — that’s what you are going to see: the last 12 minutes.”

And to think … I was already looking forward to Bruce before. Now I’m even more excited.

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