A Day to Remember

15 Jan

Kids! I’ve nearly let the entire day go by without acknowledging the 90th anniversary — 90th! — of one of my favorite days of the year: January 15, 1919, the day of the Great Molasses Flood. For such an important day, I sure do have a habit of forgetting when it is, but this year I’m going to get a post in just under the wire. If you know nothing about the flood, check out my post from three years ago. For even more, check out the book Dark Tide (yeah, no kidding).

A couple years ago, my friend Todd and I wrote our own little parody of the classic Paul Revere rhyme to commemorate the occasion of the flood’s anniversary. It begins like this:

Gather my children and you shall smell
the scent of molasses — now run like hell!

Each year, we recite it and laugh ourselves silly. We did it this evening, in fact. Eventually, we’ll also finish our big-screen adaptation of the Dark Tide book (appropriately, we’re working verrrrrrrrry slowly). But for now, a happy anniversary to the flood. I’m going to mark this down on my calendar so I don’t almost forget it again next year.

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