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Remembering When It Was Dry

13 Sep

Watching all the news coverage last night of Hurricane Ike battering Galveston, Texas, I couldn’t help but remember my trip down to the island this past February and wonder just how much of what I saw was still there. The Hotel Galvez, where I stayed, is/was right on the water, and I’m sure it took quite a beating — along with plenty of other hotels and buildings, which were so nicely restored after the Great Storm of 1900. I wonder if things are alright in the Strand, including at La King’s (where Ernest Torres made the great taffy), and I hope all the nice folks I met back in February who took such great care of us (like Jackie and Jim) are okay. And hopefully people like George Mitchell, who threw one hell of a party for Mardi Gras, are also safe.

So today my thoughts are with all these people and places. If you want to see my pictures from the weekend, just click on that link. And if you’d like to read about my trip, click here. Otherwise, let’s all hope the city and its residents are alright and that they will recover from this storm.

Hey Mo!

13 Sep

So … have you heard about Movember?

It’s a campaign to raise awareness for prostate cancer (which affects one in six men, according to the PR stuff I received this week).

Get it?

They’re literally changing the face of men’s health.

Anyway, I am totally going to do this. After all, you know how much I just love growing a goatee.

But wait — this is totally different. We’re talking Tom Selleck– and Alex Trebek–style facial hair here, not Ben Affleck.

I’d love to get some other folks to do this too. Who’s with me? You have a month and a half to decide and to prepare your friends and family for your changed appearance.

I’ll check in about this at the end of October.

And don’t think that just because you’re a woman that you’re excluded from the fun. Remember the patron saint of the “Mo Sistahs” … Frida Kahlo. If she can grow a moustache, then so can you.

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