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Some Thing Stupid

19 Jan

So here’s my question: if some random monster was on the attack in your city, and you were running for your life, and you were filming everything on your camcorder, and it was nighttime … at what point do you turn the camcorder off and just run like hell?

That’s the question I found myself asking multiple times during Cloverfield, the new flick from the J. J. Abrams factory.

Essentially, Cloverfield is Godzilla crossed with The Blair Witch Project.

It’s a horror movie for the YouTube generation. Continue reading

Swedish Goodness

19 Jan

I really need to move. I say that not because of my annoying neighbors but because I went to IKEA today and I wanted to buy so much stuff. I almost bought a new rug for the bedroom and new pictures for my wall and a knife set to sit on my kitchen counter and a new desk chair and this, that, and the other. Why not, right? It’s all so cheap. Of course, I didn’t buy any of it, and I kept my purchases to just the glasses I went for and a feather duster (random). But I know I have to ramp up my search so I can buy that stuff.

Not that the trip was a waste. After all, I ate well: Swedish meatballs and mac ‘n’ cheese for lunch, a cinnamon roll on the way out … all the essentials. And it’s always a fun (and easy) trip out to Stoughton. But yeah, I hope I move soon so I can go back and fill my new place with all kinds of IKEA crap.


19 Jan

The scoreboard now reads Martin: 1, Neighbors: 0. This morning, just after 9 a.m., my upstairs neighbor began to play her piano in the room right above my bedroom. Annoying. But then a violin joined in. Soon it sounded like there was a veritable chamber orchestra playing above my head, as I was trying to sleep in. So since my patience had finally run out, I decided to do what I should have done with my other neighbors a long, long time ago: I fought back. I grabbed a mop and banged on the ceiling three times. And what do you know, they stopped instantly. Minutes later, I looked out my window and saw my neighbor and her violin-playing friend (who, by the way, was not a violin-playing neighbor I knew about) scurry out of the building; they got in a car and drove away — most likely to a practice space at B.U., which if you ask me, is where they should have gone to begin with. What happened to common courtesy? I mean, do people really think that sort of thing is alright and that they won’t be disturbing anyone? ARGH!!! So call me happy this morning, even if I got up earlier than I would have liked. That’s the last time my neighbors will use this building to play their music. I hope they got the message.