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Tarnished Globes

13 Jan

Forget the winners — tonight’s Golden Globe awards press conference was awful. Between Mary Hart’s lame commentary, and all the other entertainment show hosts trying to one-up each other, the press conference itself sucked. And the TV coverage? Even worse. NBC didn’t even show the press conference live, relying on Billy Bush and Nancy O’Dell to announce the winners in their own mock press conference that trailed the real thing — thus rendering it instantly behind-the-curve and irrelevant. E! showed the press conference, but cut away every now and then to reaction from Ryan Seacrest and other folks in the E! studios. And the sound on CNN kept going out of synch, no doubt because Larry King kept making completely stupid comments after each announcement about how one movie or another was great or one of the year’s best. (Of course they are, Larry. Why do you think they’re nominated?) And the worst thing of all was when Johnny Depp won for best actor in a film, musical or comedy, and Larry King said something about how it was wrong that Daniel Day-Lewis wasn’t nominated. Duh. He was nominated — in the category of best actor in a film, drama. (And he won for it, too.) But because CNN was the only network of the three that actually showed the press conference as it unfolded, without interruption, I stuck with CNN. And by 9:30, a half hour after it began, the whole thing was over. At that point, NBC was still half-way through making their announcements and discussing the winners. Oh, and did Billy Bush really dismiss Cate Blanchett’s award-winning performance in I’m Not There by saying, “At the end of the day it’s a woman imitating a man?” That guy has no business being an entertainment journalist. He’s lame. NBC’s coverage was lame. The whole thing was lame. And it wasn’t even disappointing. Rather, as a film fan, a television fan, and a film awards show fan, it just made me angry. I really really hope this writers strike ends ASAP so we can get back our TV shows and the Oscars can go on as they should be going on, not like this awful attempt at television.

No Swing Is a Real Miss

13 Jan

I’m really missing baseball these days. I miss coming home from work and knowing there’s a game on (especially with there being not much else good on TV anymore). I miss reading about the Sox in the Globe every day. I miss making fun of Dice-K. I miss Papi and Mike Lowell and all the boys, whether it’s news about them or just their smiling, happy faces in the newspaper every morning. I miss the whole thing. It’s not like there’s a void in the Boston sports world or anything, and football’s exciting, but those games only happen on Sundays (or Saturday nights), and basketball and hockey do nothing for me. Baseball’s something you can count on, for at least eight months of the year. From March to October there’s a baseball game on most every night of the week. This gap between the seasons is just too long, especially with there being no significant trade or contract talks going on lately (even a possible Santana deal isn’t all that buzzworthy right now). Jeez, pitchers and catchers report to Fort Myers in about a month, and I’m already antsy. Bring it on!

Trying Some New Places

13 Jan

I guess I’d like to make a belated New Year’s Resolution: to try new things. And specifically, new restaurants and new foods. Already this year I’ve been to two new restaurants. Well, not new, per se, but they’re new to me. Today I went with Sarah, Amy and Sherri to Victoria’s Diner. Way out of nowhere location aside, this was a real nice surprise of a brunch place. The interior is much nicer than the exterior would lead one to believe, and the food was real tasty. I had the Nutella Smothered French Toast. It’s not quite what the menu promises, but yummmmm. Three slices of french toast covered in Nutella, with strawberries (which I didn’t eat). I highly recommend it, and hope to go back and have this again soon.

Last week after the movie, Nina and I decided to have dinner at Stephanie’s on Newbury, a place that amazingly, I had never been to before. The Mac ‘n’ Cheese wasn’t as good as the stuff at, say, Silvertone, but it was good and worth going back for. And it’s nice to go somewhere nicer and know there’s something on the menu I can eat. I was also impressed with how big the place was. I mean, not that it looks small from the outside, but I didn’t realize it was so deep inside.

Alright, fine. I know what you’re saying: You went to two new places and you had food you knew you already liked. True. But it’s still good to broaden my horizons beyond the normal places I go. And I hope to do more of that as 2008 continues.

It’s Not a Cold

13 Jan

All week I’ve been trying to stave off a cold. Or at least what I thought was a cold. But it turns out I may just have winter allergies, which I’m learning are more common than I thought. After all, if the only symptoms are sneezing, runny nose, and occasional watery eyes, and I’m not feeling run down and I don’t have a sore throat, etc. then it has to be allergies, right? Especially with the way the temperatures here in Boston have been fluctuating, I’m sure there are all kinds of irritants in the air. And I mean, when you go to CVS and you look at all the cold remedies, the ones that treat my symptoms are all labeled “allergy” medication. And Claritin-D seems to be working so well today. And, this would partly explain why the Zicam didn’t do squat all week. So, I’m making a self-diagnosis. I don’t have a cold, I have allergies. Phew!