And I Am Telling You …

23 Aug

To paraphrase the oft-quoted line from The Godfather: Part III, “Just when I thought I was moving out, they pull me back in.”

Or, as Effie White sings in Dreamgirls, “And I am telling you, I’m not going.”

I could keep quoting movie lines, but the fact remains: I’m not moving. At least not yet.

Today I reached an agreement with my new landlord to stay in my current apartment until at least the end of March. They wouldn’t let me go month-to-month or sign a six-month lease.

So, my condo search is on hold for a while.

… Which isn’t really so bad, considering I love where I live.

Sure, I’m going to have to pay more to stay here (including $1.75 a load to do my laundry — argh!!!!), but I expect to get some new appliances out of the deal, and I can delay the hassle of moving until the spring.

And who doesn’t enjoy a summertime housewarming party, right?

So yeah, consider this post my closing the loop on that story. For now.

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