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Happy Blogiversary to Me!

31 Aug

It’s not quite the Day of All Days, but today is my two-year blogiversary. When I first started this blog on September 1, 2005, I didn’t know what it would become. But now, 640 posts later, it’s become a living, breathing thing that keeps growing by the post. And I thank all y’all out there — some folks I know, many I don’t — who’ve found the site and keep coming back to see what I’ll post next. Clearly you like what you’re reading, so I’ll keep it up.

Last year on my blogiversary, I counted down the top-5 best posts from my first year in the blogosphere. This year I thought I’d recall some memorable moments: notable life events, rants and raves, fun times, and sad times, all documented right here at Martin’s Musings. So, in no particular order, do you remember when …

I hated Cambridge?
I met Sam LaGrassa?
I almost appeared in the Wall Street Journal?
the Red Sox season ended so badly that I had to forgive the team?
… I lost both my friend Marc and my grandmother in a space of less than two months?
Time voted me Person of the Year?
I interviewed an Oscar-winner?
I was a change-maker?
my sister and my friend Andrew got married? (not to each other)
Dice-K sucked? (actually, he still does)
I rediscovered books and also loved Once and Amy Winehouse?
… I celebrated my 32nd birthday and my 33rd birthday in the space of one month?
I considered moving?

Yeah, I remember all that. But according to my traffic reports, more people remember when I hated Best Buy more than any of the above things; the Best Buy post was the most read one of the past 12 months.

So, again, thanks for reading, folks. I’ll try to make year three of Martin’s Musings even better. Stay tuned, and keep coming back.

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