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Bah Humbug

17 Aug

Jeez … someone forgot to put sugar in Virginia Heffernan’s coffee this morning — or rather, whenever it was that she watched High School Musical 2 and wrote her review for The New York Times.

Of the movie, she writes that there’s “so much to hate. Just search the bottom of your shriveled little sunless heart. You’ll figure it out. The widespread pressure to embrace the experience as kitsch only twists the knife. This is supposed to be the time of your life, and yet — oh brother. Just like high school. Just like a musical.”

She criticizes the bad lip-synching, the tanned skin (mind you, the movie takes place in the summer), the dancing … she just really didn’t like it. And yet, she ends her review this way: “The movie is mediocre, and should be skipped. But I can’t wait to buy the soundtrack and do the karaoke.”

So at least she doesn’t have a heart completely full of coal. Continue reading

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