Early Bird

11 Jul

Since I’m sort of in wedding mode as I gear up for Andrew and Rachel‘s big day this weekend (got my tux ready, my hair cleaned up, gift purchased, etc.), I found this story pretty amusing.

Seems a guy named Dave Barclay was so happy and excited about his friend’s upcoming nuptials that he barely paid attention and flew all the way over to England a full year too early.

You’d think the fact that he hadn’t yet received an invitation or anything would have tipped him off to the fact that he was ahead of schedule.

Here’s the full story from Reuters:

Man arrives at wedding year early

LONDON, England (Reuters) — Teacher Dave Barclay flew thousands of miles across the Atlantic to Wales to attend his friend’s wedding, only to discover he was a year early.

Barclay, 34, was told about the wedding earlier in the year and assumed it was to take place in 2007.

It was only when he had flown into Cardiff from Toronto, Canada, and rang the bridegroom seeking details of the venue that he discovered the wedding was in 2008.

“I am a year early — yeah, my mates are loving it, aren’t they,” he told BBC Radio Wales.

The groom, Dave Best, had emailed his friend at the start of the year.

“He just said July the 6th and I assumed it was this year because if you tell the guy July 6th, they’re going to think it’s this year,” Barclay said.

Barclay, who has been teaching in Toronto for three years spent £500 ($1,015) on his premature flight.

“At least it’s assured me a mention in the speech next year,” he added.

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