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Harry Potter and the Raging Hormones

19 Jul

Like so many others, I’ve been eager to see how the Harry Potter series would end. And now that I’ve finished my advance copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, I have to say I’m shocked. Shocked! I can’t believe J.K. Rowling had the nerve to have Hagrid admit his love for Hermione on page 72, when the story had barely begun. But who knew they’d make such a perfect pair? I loved the scene when they go on their first date to Tinkerdoo. Harry being overcome with jealous rage seemed the obvious reaction to it all, and when he overdosed on Butter Beer and Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, I knew that couldn’t be good. Voldemort didn’t stand a chance. Anyway, the book’s awesome, just like the other six were. I just sort of wish J.K. Rowling hadn’t done that whole thing with Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Kids shouldn’t be exposed to fringe art like that. At least not until they’re twelve years old.

But seriously, happy Harry Potter Day. I have no idea how the series will end — in fact, the only book in the series that I’ve actually read is the first one (I tried to read the second but couldn’t get into it). In fact, I’ve only seen the first and third movies too. I just don’t have much interest in the series. That said, I do love the Saturday Night Live skit from a few years back where Lindsay Lohan played Hermione. So in honor of the release of the final book, I thought I’d post it here for your weekend viewing enjoyment.

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