Not the Best

9 Jul

The Improper Bostonian has done it yet again. In their new “Best of Boston” issue, they’ve gone and chosen The Cactus Club as the best margarita. I’ve been to the Cactus Club a few times, usually because I want to see for myself what all the fuss is about year after year. And every single time — every single time — I leave disappointed. It’s not just that the margaritas themselves aren’t great, it’s that they’re served in pint glasses, like a beer. What kind of margarita is that?? In past years that was partly why they awarded it best margarita. But lest you think my beef is all about the glasses, it’s not. These just aren’t good drinks. They’re bland and basic, and they taste like they’re made from a mix and dosed out in bulk. And it couldn’t be any more obvious that the only reason why Cactus Club is chosen for this “honor” year after year is because they’re a loyal advertiser — that, or because their Web site URL is actually

For my money, the best margs in town are at Border Cafe in Harvard Square. They’re far more flavorful, much more intoxicating, and (shocker) they’re actually served in margarita glasses. I wish the folks at the Improper would venture outside their “pay for play” bubble one year and give them a shot.

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