Say What?

2 Jul

One thing I hated about the movie Fever Pitch was how utterly unrealistic I thought the Drew Barrymore character was. How could it be possible, I wondered, that a person living in Boston was that clueless about the Red Sox, and baseball in general? Isn’t it, like, a mandatory part of your citizenship in this city that you have to be a baseball fan? Or at the very least, how could you avoid it, what with the incessant press coverage of the Sox and the way the city seems to be totally devoted to the sport during the season. So imagine my surprise when, on my way home on the T this evening, a fellow passenger started to engage the driver in conversation.

I tried not to eavesdrop — really, I did — but she was right behind me, and certain things she said and questions she asked stood out. For example, “I haven’t been paying attention. How are the Red Sox doing this season?” “I heard they’re playing the same team tonight that beat them yesterday.” “A series is three or four games? Why do they play so many?” “What’s the team from Texas called?” I thought she might have been kidding, but no. She was genuinely clueless about the whole thing. It was as if she was talking about something that some people do, like a movie that those kids are all talking about, or the cult tv show that she’s heard is good, or something that happens in a foreign country that hasn’t yet reached the States.

I swear, I’ve never heard someone talk like that about baseball in Boston. I knew people like Jimmy Fallon’s character actually existed, but now I guess I’ll have to look at Drew’s character in a new light.

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