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Biting My Tongue

19 Feb

I was already sort of embarrassed to be buying the three magazines I did today at Barnes & Noble, but somehow, it made me feel better that I didn’t make a bad situation even worse. To wit:

Exhibit A:
The cashier rings up my copy of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and I notice the price. So I say to her, “Wow, six bucks for that thing?” And she says, “Well, it’s a special issue.” And I almost replied to her, “It’s not as special as it used to be,” and explained why I was saying that, but I figured it was better to just bite my tongue.

Exhibit B:
The cashier rings up my copy of Every Day with Rachael Ray and comments to me, “I didn’t know Rachael Ray had a magazine.” And while my actual response to her was an emasculating, “Yes, she’s had it for more than a year now,” I almost said, referring to the other magazine I was buying, “Yes, and so does that guy from M*A*S*H.”

So yeah, that situation could have been much worse.