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Sorry, Charlie

31 Jan

I forgot my T pass (I still can’t call it a “Charlie Card”) at home on Monday. It wasn’t the first time I’d done it, and it was particularly annoying because I had it in my hand while I was getting ready and put it down before putting it in my pocket. Thankfully, the train arrived at the Coolidge Corner station right when I got there, so I was able to “sneak” aboard at one of the back doors. But on the way home, I had to pay $2 for a one-time ticket.

Now, I realize anyone can use the excuse that they forgot their T pass at home, and I had no way to prove it, and yes, I realize that $2 isn’t so much money to pay, but isn’t there some way the MBTA can allow for some kind of amnesty and grant a “free ride” if you actually have purchased a pass and just don’t have it with you? Maybe you can scan an ID or something? Or maybe I should just be better about bringing my pass every day so I don’t have stupid questions like these.

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