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What a Show

10 Jan

ces_01You’re not going to believe it’s me saying this, but if I don’t see another TV for a month, it will be too soon.

After three days of CES, I’ve certainly seen enough of them. Plasmas, LCDs, 1080p full HD, etc etc etc. Each one bigger and blacker. LG has a 102-incher, Panasonic has a 103-incher, and Sharp has a 108-incher. Clearly, size matters.

I’ve also seen a lot of cell phones, cameras, mp3 players, iPod accessories, camcorders, blah blah blah … after three days of speaking to PR people and asking about availability and pricing, it’s all blending together (good thing I’ve taken plenty of notes).

And of course, nothing I’ve seen has been as cool as Apple’s iPhone, which is not here because Apple doesn’t do CES. Still, yesterday in the press room, it was all anyone was talking about. Continue reading

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