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Just Wondering …

22 Jan

* Is this what the Yankee fans felt like in 2004?

* When radio execs first heard the chorus of Fall Out Boy‘s cool new single, “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race,” why did they decide to silence the word “God” and not “Damn?”

* Is the first real snow of the season not the best part of winter? I mean, walking home, as it’s coming down, hearing the crunching of your steps as you push down on more of the finely-packed snow … there aren’t too many pleasures to be taken from this season, but that’s one of them. Hopefully we’ll get more of this soon.

* Are you on the list?

* Why did I go all the way to IKEA on Saturday for a DVD tower, when I found exactly what I wanted at Best Buy the very next day?

* Is it Friday yet?

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