See Ya, Gabe

12 Dec

Gabe Kapler, my favorite Red Sox player, has announced that he is retiring and will be leaving the city to manage the Sox’ Single-A team in South Carolina.

Ah well, another good one gone.

I’ve been a big Gabe fan for a while now not just because he gives Jewish athletes a good name (he even wore a “Challah Back” t-shirt in one of the 2004 season recaps), but because the guy seemed to have an endlessly positive attitude and played with a lot of heart, two things that endeared him to his teammates, who always spoke of Gabe in the highest regard.

The guy gave his all on and off the field. I’ll miss watching him at Fenway, but I know the traits I respect about Gabe will make him a great manager. I’m hoping that he will rise up the ranks and return to Yawkey Way one day soon as a Sox coach or as the manager.

Best of luck to you, Gabe!

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