Good Man, That Oscar

31 Jan

Gotta say, I’m really happy with the Oscar nominations this year. Really quickly …

* Couldn’t be happier that Terrence Howard was nominated for Hustle & Flow (it’s not hard out there for that pimp)
* Speaking of … it kicks ass that “It’s Hard Out Here For a Pimp” was nominated for Best Song. Can’t wait to see that performed on the show.
* Glad that Amy Adams was nominated simply because she was a pleasant surprise (even if I didn’t like Amy’s movie Junebug all that much)
* Frances McDormand stole Maria Bello’s spot
* Glad the Academy woke up and noticed Munich, unlike some of the other awards groups
* Is anyone else besides Felicity Huffman and Reese Witherspoon nominated for Best Actress? Does it even matter? At least Best Actor has a semi-three-way race, even if Philip Seymour Hoffman is a near-lock to win.
* Best Picture nominees are just right. Walk the Line was a well-acted movie, but it wasn’t a great movie overall.
* No Disney animated film nominee? That’s gotta hurt. Of course, maybe if they made a movie that was better than Chicken Little, they may have had a shot.
* Good to see The Squid and the Whale get nominated for Best Original Screenplay. I’m guessing Jeff Daniels was in sixth place, behind Terrence Howard.
* Murderball is my pick for Best Documentary Feature
* Much as I think Brokeback Mountain will win Best Picture, it’ll be a fun month seeing it and Crash battle it out. This one could be close.
* Though he’s not officially a producer on Good Luck, and Good Night. as far as the Academy is concerned, George Clooney is one of the film’s producers, meaning he’s got four nominations. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: George Clooney is the man.
* I know he doesn’t make movies for the awards (if that was the case, they may actually be good), but George Lucas has to be stinging over the fact that Star Wars: Episode III: The Best of the Worst Three Movies of All Time only received one measly nomination, for Best Makeup. Not even a bone thrown in George’s direction for visual effects. Ouch.

I love Oscar season …

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