Is This Thing On?

27 Jan

Yes, I’m still here. You can stop e-mailing and instant messaging and calling to ask why I haven’t posted anything in a few days. Been busy at work and didn’t have anything particularly blog-worthy to post about. I mean, you tell me, did you want me to write about any of the following topics:

* How excited I am that I have scheduled the folks from MaidPro to come and clean my apartment this Tuesday morning
* How I think I’m having a particularly good hair week, despite feeling the urge to get it cut this weekend
* New Theo, same as the old Theo
* How it’s so cold out. Big deal
* How, civil liberties aside, I think the folks in Newton were lame for making the FBI get a warrant in order to seize the computer that a bomb threat was sent to Brandeis from. Town officials called it their “finest hour.” I agree with the Herald: they’re clueless.
* How, rumor has it, James Frey, author of book du jour A Million Little Pieces, was a counselor at my camp up in New Hampshire — but after I was there
* How I think cleaning my apartment has had a positive cosmic domino effect on my entire life: professionally, romantically, physically, and personally, everything seems to be going really well for me lately
* How if you haven’t done it yet, you should click on my link to before Doug’s contest ends
* How the fact that you can now buy episodes of Laguna Beach and South Park on iTunes may just be the best incentive to buy a video iPod yet
* How The Office may just be the funniest show of all time (and episodes of that show are also available on iTunes)
* How Red Sox tickets go on sale tomorrow, and for the first time in years, I really don’t seem to care

… yeah, didn’t think so. Look for more from me over the weekend when hopefully I’ll actually have something substantial to write about.

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