Crude Commute

23 Jan

I realize bad commuting experience postings on a snowy day are a dime a dozen, but I thought I’d post this anyway.

Here’s my beef: I can appreciate why T drivers open the door at every stop to let people on and off when the train is so crowded and people have a hard time getting through. That said, I don’t understand why they do it, especially when the train is packed to the gills and no one is getting off and there’s no room for anyone else to get on.

Today I got on at Coolidge Corner and of course, I had to stuff myself onto the train, securing a small parcel of space at the second door from the front, against the railing on the second stair (of three). Clearly there was no room left for anyone else to get on. However, one stop later, at St. Paul’s Street, the doors opened and some woman, thinking she was funny (I know because she was laughing), got on and stood on the bottom stair. Unfortunately, when the door closed, it felt like she was literally up my ass. (Sorry for the crude imagery. It’s about to get worse.) And she remained there all the way down Beacon Street. At each stop, when the door would close, she got thrust back into me again. (Okay, it’s over now.)

At the St. Mary’s Street stop, someone was getting off, so I got off the train to make room on the stairway. What happened? The woman who had been up my ass quickly took my spot on the stairs, making me have to squeeze to barely get back on. So much for common courtesy.

I wish the MBTA knew how to handle snowy days. No kidding, every time it snows the T service is slower, less frequent, more crowded, more idiotic, and beyond explanation. It’s not like we live in Florida or something where snow would be a freak occurance. This is Boston. It snows every year, multiple times. When will the MBTA ever learn? And when will people learn how to be a bit more sensible on days like today and not be rude to their fellow passengers?

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