Innocent Until Investigated

20 Dec

Some impressive stuff, that Syriana. Top-notch acting all around, especially by my main man George Clooney and most notably by Jeffrey Wright, an actor-chameleon if ever there was one. A chunk of the movie went over my head (chalk that up to fatigue after a long day of work), but despite that, it registered loud and clear. Syriana, a searing indictment of the worldwide oil industry, is one of the most intelligent movies I’ve seen all year. A–

One Response to “Innocent Until Investigated”

  1. the deal December 31, 2005 at 9:31 am #

    Did you know Wright played the lead in Basquiat? He’s certainly the chameleon – as you mentioned.Charma charma charma charma charma chameleon…I enjoyed Syriana last night.

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