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sign of winter, number 74

12 Dec

i have a cold. it’s that beginning of december, change of seasons, no flu shot would save me from this, inevitable, winter’s actually here cold. you know the one. it has all the usual symptoms: stuffy/runny nose, cough, sore throat, general congestion, clogged ears, tiredness … yuck. and i’m not the only one here in my office who has it: one person has called in sick and stayed home, one other person has similar symptoms and is here, there’s coughing and sneezing elsewhere in the office, and a general sense that everyone’s going to get it sooner or later “so stay away from me.”

admittedly, i feel better today than i did yesterday (thank you, Cold-EEZE and O.J.), but that could be because i didn’t sleep well saturday night and i was just exhausted driving back from another weekend in new york. then again, i did write all of this in lower case without even realizing it until a second ago, i’m putting the wrong revision date on printouts i’m circulating (10/12 instead of 12/12), and someone here just commented on how well i had coordinated my sweater and scarf today, which i swear i didn’t do on purpose, so maybe i’m less here than i thought. thankfully, i drove in today, so not only can i spare my fellow T passengers from getting what i have, but i can also get home in 15 minutes should things get worse.

ugh. it’s going to be a long day.

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