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It’s My Fault

9 Dec

The Krispy Kreme stores in Medford and Saugus have closed. This comes just a few months after the store downtown at the Pru shut its doors. As a big fan of the Original Glazed (as my belly will attest), I couldn’t help but feel a little bit upset by this news. But I also feel partly responsible. I mean, when was the last time I made the trek to Medford for a hot donut (or two … or three)? In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I had a hot Krispy Kreme. I just always counted on the store to be there to satisfy my sugar fix whenever I needed it to be. I guess I didn’t count on my conscience (and my sister) to keep telling me that I didn’t really need the hot donut (or two or three). And now look what’s happpend! Oh well.

But I can’t take full blame, of course. It’s you, my easily-pleased friends, who are also to blame. It’s you who buy the Krispy Kremes at the supermarket, who are content to have cold donuts, who have helped to put these fine institutions out of business. Yes, I know you can just take the donuts home and heat them up, but please — anyone who has ever had a hot Krispy Kreme will agree that there’s nothing like getting them fresh at the store. There’s nothing at all like seeing the hot glaze ooze out of the machine and onto the baked goodies as they go by on the conveyor belt. Mmmmmmmmmmmm…

At least there’s still a store open in Dedham (one I never knew about until today). That one’s closer to where I live than the Medford one, and I will now consider it my civic duty to keep it in business. My belly will be so happy.

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