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Hitting the Links

22 Sep

So maybe my more adventurous readers have clicked on the links to the right of this web site to see the other blogs I’ve pointed folks to. Thought I’d take a second to mention the new site I’ve listed there. Thanks to a tip by my old friend Doug, whose Planet Gordon site I’m a regular reader of, I have added the site TVgasm. Basically, the site’s what it may sound like: an orgasm of TV stuff: episode recaps written with a healthy dose of attitude, plus industry news and gossip.

But wait — there’s more. In the “Hotties” section, you can critique the attractiveness of various TV personalities (a mix of actual actors and reality cast members and other folks), and in the “Snark” section, you can put in someone’s name and get a, well, snarky comment about them. It’s good for a laugh.

Today the site’s full of info about The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, America’s Next Top Model, and of course, Lost, which the site’s writers call “the best hour of TV ever.” (Maybe not ever, but it was a pretty damn good show last night.) I’m sure there’ll be a great recap of The O.C. tomorrow if the recap of Laguna Beach is any indication.

While I’m at it, maybe I should plug some of the other sites if any of y’all have yet to check them out:

* Anna Rubin is my friend Anna’s blog. She and her husband are moving to Australia (actually, he’s already there) and the site serves as a primer on the country and a journal of the moving experience.
* Doug Gordon is an old friend from summer camp who gained notoriety (and all kinds of press mentions) for documenting the experience of being the male in an engaged couple on his site. Now he’s turning much of the content, and other wisdom he learned from the experience, into a book, due out in January. (Color me jealous.) But he posts daily about other stuff too if you’re like me and not even close to being married.
* David Poland is the blog of a film writer I like. I read his other site, The Hot Button, daily.
* I’m not exactly sure what my friend Dan Friedell‘s blog is all about, but it covers fantasy sports and other miscellaneous topics. Personally, I loved his “I have feet” posting.
* Jeff Wells is another film writer that I like. He posts new columns every Wednesday and Friday.
* My old college roommate Seth Rosen started his blog to document his training for a triathalon this summer, and now that the race is over his postings have become less frequent. But, if running and athletic training is your thing, his site was a good read, and I’m hoping he starts posting more frequently real soon.
* Finally, if you like kids, then read Simon Ezra, which documents the “fun” that a friend of a friend has being the mother of a young son.

Those are the other blogs. As I say above, if you’ve got a blog or you know of a good one I should be reading, please let me know and I’ll put up a link. Apparently I have a loyal group of readers and I’m happy to spread the word.

George Clooney Is the Man

22 Sep

I wouldn’t go so far as to say he’s a role model or even someone I idolize. He’s not even a man-crush. But George Clooney is someone I respect and admire.

It all started for me on September 2, 1997, a few days after Princess Diana died. Clooney held a press conference to call the paparazzi to task, saying it was their fault she was dead, that they were reckless, and not just in this case. The way he delivered his remarks that night — in a forceful and passionate manner, his words clearly thought-out — so impressed me that I was instantly made a fan, and I’ve never forgotten that night.

From that moment on, George Clooney was my hero. Continue reading

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