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Helping Katrina Victims

6 Sep

If you’re in the Boston area and have been wanting to help the displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina but haven’t yet found a way, please consider this option.

Basically, there appears to be a huge need for used, but serviceable, LUGGAGE WITH WHEELS in Houston so that evacuees who have been flown there and are being temporarily housed in the Houston Convention Center could have luggage rather than using garbage bags.
My company is currently trying to collect as much luggage as we can to send down to Houston this Friday. If you have anything you’d like to donate, please send me an email ASAP.
Be sure it’s luggage that closes properly, has servicable wheels and is completely empty with nothing inside. It does not have to be pretty or in perfect shape as long as it meets these three criteria.
I need to bring in all luggage no later than this Friday. Someone here will be driving it all over to Logan Airport and dropping it off at the terminal.
If you would like to donate luggage or know someone else who would, but you can’t get it to me by Friday, please let me know and I’ll get you information about dropping it off yourself.


Summer Has Come and Passed

6 Sep

One thing about living where I do, because the city is so full of colleges and universities, you always know when the seasons change — for better and for worse.

Around Labor Day weekend, the flood of college students makes their presence known. They clog up the streets with their moving trucks, make the lines longer at Shaw’s, delay the T by cramming on in the morning even when there’s no space left, and other subtle things that make us locals long for winter break, when they’ll be gone again.

But it’s not just the students’ fault; all over the city, leases tend to begin on September 1, for example. So whether you like it or not, if you live in Boston, Labor Day weekend signals the official beginning of fall. Continue reading

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