2017 … No, Really. Where Did the Time Go?

30 Dec

We’re all pretty much in agreement that 2017 was not a good year.

But I’ve gotta be honest: At the risk of sounding like Taylor Swift, I actually had a lot of fun these past 12 months. From the #SocialRoadTrip weekends in Austin and Boston, to a couple Red Sox games, to Memorial Day Weekend in New York City, to concerts, to my vacation in Nashville, to milestone celebrations (like weddings, bat mitzvahs, and baby showers) with good friends, to a week in Chicago for work and play, to a few visits with my niece and nephews, and so on, I had a lot to smile about this year.

And that’s a big reason why 2017 seemed to zoom by faster than a lot of other years have.

Seriously, where did the time go this year?

So, before we turn the page to another calendar year, I wanted to share some of my memories in video highlight-reel form — two of them, in fact, because there was so much to document this year.

First, my video for the second half of the year.

And now, my previously shared first-half video.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to what was a really fun year, whether you’re in one of these videos or not. I hope 2018 is similarly exciting, and that a year from now I have just as many happy memories to look back on.

Happy New Year!

5 Responses to “2017 … No, Really. Where Did the Time Go?”

  1. Dr Andrew Albert December 30, 2017 at 10:07 am #

    There is so much I can say about this post….in short, I love it. It reminds me that although 2017 was an awful year in many respects, it was a wonderful year. The slide show, the happiness project, the shout out. You lived a great 2017 Marty…..hoping you have a better 2018!

    • Martin Lieberman December 30, 2017 at 10:26 am #

      I’m glad you (and your family) were part of my fun year, Andrew! Congrats on all you accomplished in 2017, too! 🙂


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