Summer’s Here, and So Are the Movies

1 Jun

entourage-movieSummer’s here, and the new movies are coming fast and furiously. (No, wait. That was April.) So here’s another wrap-up of all the movies I’ve seen in the past month, since I last posted a collection of mini reviews.

(Note: The numbers refer to the number of movies I’ve seen in total this year.)

16. Pitch Perfect 2. Intermittently funny, obligatory sequel. Music was better in the first one. Even Anna Kendrick doesn’t seem to want to be in this one. C+

17. Mad Max: Fury Road. Visually stunning, high octane action film. Raises the stakes and standards for what a summer movie should be. B+

18. Tomorrowland. This is what you’d expect to see when you get a movie based on a Disney “world”: A hopelessly corny/optimistic message beaten to death, served up in a slick, attractive package, that gets weighed down by its own message and a muddled plot. George Clooney deserves better, and Brad Bird can do better. B–

19. San Andreas. Impressive effects are the star of this movie, no surprise. For nearly three-quarters of its length, we watch as California gets absolutely destroyed by an increasingly strong series of earthquakes. It’s awesome. And then there’s a break and we sit through predictably hokey dialogue, which helps to advance a crater-filled plot. Still, this is one highly entertaining movie, faults and all. B

20. Entourage. It’s like Sex & the City for guys, except that movie played like three episodes of the HBO series strung together, and this one just feels like one too-long one. A neverending string of amusing cameos (everyone from season three spoiler Dom to Martin “is that something you might be interested in?” Landau to Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady) helps Entourage recapture much of the charm of the series’ early days, but ultimately, the film reminds us why we were happy the series ended. B

21. Aloha. Not the worst movie I’ve seen, and not as bad as Elizabethtown, but still a mess. I couldn’t even tell you what it’s about, or why it exists. Where have you gone, Cameron Crowe, maker of Say Anything, Almost Famous and Jerry Maguire? Come back to us! C–

22. Sunshine Superman. A documentary about BASE jumping (made with pre-GoPro footage) that excites and inspires — reminding me of why I went skydiving 11 years ago, the thrill it provided, and the fearlessness it provoked, and encouraging everyone to live more in the moment. The film’s final 5 minutes are gorgeous. B+

This next month brings releases like Jurassic World and Inside Out, so stay tuned for my reviews of those films.

What movies have YOU seen lately? Tell me about them in the comments section below, or in a tweet.

4 Responses to “Summer’s Here, and So Are the Movies”

  1. Shelley June 5, 2015 at 1:49 pm #

    Thanks Martin. I’m in the mood for a movie this weekend, and I always come here first to see what you think. Thank you!!

    • Martin Lieberman June 6, 2015 at 11:46 am #

      I hope I steered you correctly, Shelley! Let me know what you decide to see, and how you like it.


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