April Showered Us with More Movies

3 May

Avengers: Age of Ultron movie poster bannerIn the month since I last posted a bunch of mini-reviews, I’ve seen seven more movies. So, rather than wait till the end of the quarter again, I wanted to post them now … while you can still act on my recommendations.

(Note: The numbers before each one reflect the number of movies I’ve seen so far this year.) 

while-were-young-movie-poster9. While We’re Young. A movie about the challenges of getting older, of trying to maintain authenticity, and of trying to relate to your peers when your lives are taking different paths. So much I could relate to. Loved this movie. A

10. True Story. Late in this movie, a character uses the phrase “turd in your pocket.” Well, this film was a turd on the screen. I was thisclose to walking out; not sure why I stayed for the whole thing. D

11. Ex Machina. Cool movie about artificial intelligence. But ultimately, wasn’t as cool as it thought it was. B

12. The Age of Adeline. Two hours of Blake Lively looking glamorous, unable to grow any older than the age of 29. What could possibly be bad about that? The screenplay, sure. But Blake looked great. And Harrison Ford was good too; he brought substance to the film when it really needed some. B

13. The D Train. Why? That’s my main question after seeing this lame Jack Black–James Marsden “comedy.” It made me cringe from start to finish. D

14. Avengers: Age of Ultron. Pretty much everything you want in a summer movie: Big, loud action scenes (even bigger and louder on an IMAX screen). Laughs. Cool effects (even cooler in 3D). Big stars. Superheroes. Bright, colorful pictures. And a heck of a lot of fun. Michael Bay should really learn from Joss Whedon. B+

15. Adult Beginners. A likeable but mostly conventional and predictable movie. Only worth seeing because of the three main leads and their easy chemistry. C+

It’s probably worth noting that The D Train doesn’t actually hit theaters till May 8. Make plans now not to see it.

What good movies have YOU seen lately? Share your answer in the comments section below.

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