I’m Ready for the Start of Something New

3 Sep

When you live in the general Boston area, it’s hard not to be reminded of the passage of time.

Every May, for example, when graduation season is in full swing, it’s only natural to take stock and think of all you’ve accomplished since you graduated. Have the years been good to you, or have you not gone all that far since “Pomp and Circumstance” was playing?

A similar thing happens every Labor Day weekend: As the city deals with the influx of college students and the chaos and hell of moving day, your first instinct is to be reminded that, oh no, another school year is starting and the city’s a lot more crowded and a lot louder than it was just days earlier.

But then, a day or two later, once the U-Haul trucks are gone and everyone’s settled, it’s a totally different scene. There’s happiness and excitement in the air.

Comm Ave. is awash with sunkissed students who haven’t seen each other after three or four months apart, and are ready to get into all new kinds of trouble.

The schools are bright and cheery places, as they welcome a brand-new class and start a brand-new semester.

And it’s not even just in the college areas that you see such things: At Target and in the supermarket, twentysomethings and other transients are ransacking the shelves looking for new housewares and supplies for their new apartments.

September, whether you’re in college or you’re one of the thousands of people who change residences, is all about starting over. Starting fresh. Starting something — and somewhere — new.

No wonder so many people are in a good mood.

On the other hand, when you’re out in the world and you’ve grown up a bit, you lose this opportunity. Summer comes to an end, and nothing’s changed. It’s just the same ole thing: Same living space, same job, same people, same things. There’s nothing really to get excited about anymore.

When you live in the city, or just outside, you’re reminded of this unfortunate reality. And if you’re like me, it’s kind of hard not to get a little bummed out about the whole thing.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get the chance to hit the reset button like all those college students and twentysomethings get to do every year?

This year, I’m hoping I’m going to get that chance.

After a summer of job seeking and changing some habits, I’m starting the fall season feeling optimistic and excited too. I’m ready for change. I’m ready for my something new.

I’ve had my time off. I’ve enjoyed a summer break. I’ve cleared my head, made some important decisions, learned a bit about myself, washed away the disappointment, frustration, and anger of the last year, and prepared myself mentally so I can hit the ground running just as soon as I get the chance.

My something new is not going to happen this week, but it feels like I’m on the verge of it, and that it will happen soon.

So this year, as summer comes to a close, instead of feeling wistful as I watch everyone move into their new apartments and start their new classes, I’m impatient about the start of the new season and the start of my own new life.

I just want it to happen already.

It’s September. I can’t wait to get things back on track again.

Happy Fall, everyone!

5 Responses to “I’m Ready for the Start of Something New”

  1. Michael Buller September 4, 2012 at 7:49 am #

    Hey Martin:
    That’s the right attitude. Spring may be the season for rebirth, but I always associate Fall with new beginnings. Change is good. Hope your next new beginning is a great one.


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