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Girls Behaving Badly for Fun and Profit

9 Sep

Why should guys have all the fun?

After years and years of watching men in movies like The Hangover do gross things and generally behaving badly, women are starting to step up to the plate and say, “Anything you can do, we can do too!” Which is why we now have movies like Bridesmaids at the multiplex, and actresses like Melissa McCarthy taking a dump in a bathroom sink on the big screen.

Good times.

Like with those guy-centric movies, the ones showing women behaving badly have been mixed. Some have definitely been better than others. And I suspect this will continue to be the case for some time.

Which brings us to the two most recent movies where female actresses get to show their less, well, demure side: For a Good Time, Call… and Bachelorette. Let’s look at them both, starting with the not-so-good one.

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