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25 Things I Learned This Summer

31 Aug

Where does the time go?

It feels like just yesterday it was Memorial Day, and we were making all kinds of plans. Now here we are at Labor Day weekend and summer is over.

Sure, I know. Summer doesn’t technically end till September 21 — or, if you really have a hard time letting go, when the weather actually cools down sometime in October. But mentally, I think we all consider the end of summer to be on Labor Day. Right?

The last three months were great for me; I hope you can say the same for yourself. They were relaxing, fun, and productive, and while I didn’t get to everything on my to-do list, I was plenty busy and I enjoyed myself.

I also learned quite a bit. So here, before the sun sets on summer, are just 25 of the many things I learned over the past three months.

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