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The Smell of Bastards and Truth

27 Oct

Attractive to look at but not particularly exciting to watch, The Rum Diary finds Johnny Depp in one of his more personal projects, one that won’t likely find a large audience — and deservedly so.

Based on the novel by Hunter S. Thompson, a close friend of Depp’s, the film tells the story of writer Paul Kemp (Depp), who relocates from New York to Puerto Rico, where he hopes the lifestyle will be less stressful and the drinks more plentiful. There, he meets Sanderson, a shady businessman (Aaron Eckhart), who involves Kemp in a deal of questionable legality. As if that’s not enough, Kemp is distracted by Chenault, Sanderson’s beautiful fiancée (Amber Heard, sexier and more alluring here than she ever was on The Playboy Club). Continue reading

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