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Sell Out

25 Apr

It’s not exactly breaking news that advertising and marketing is everywhere.

Anyone who’s visited Times Square knows this, as do the millions of viewers who watch American Idol every week. (Seriously, who hasn’t cringed multiple times when seeing the judges drink from their Coca-Cola glasses or the finalists perform in another Ford commercial?)

So Morgan Spurlock’s latest film, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold doesn’t exactly shock.

Nor does it present new revelations.

However, it does entertain.

Like his previous film Super-Size Me, Spurlock handles his topic with humor and self-awareness. Continue reading

You’re Sleeping Your Lives Away

4 Apr

Dear Marc and Ian,

I know how tough it must be to be two months old.

After all, I was a baby once too, and I lived through it with your big sister, Abby.

All you do is sleep, eat, cry, and poop, over and over again. Without even saying what you want, people pamper you and attend to your every need.

Yes, I know. It’s very hard work, and that’s why you’re always sleeping.

But I have to tell you, boys: sleeping all the time means you’re missing out on some really cool stuff. Continue reading

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