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No Man Can Walk Away from His Own Story

29 Mar

From out of the desert, a man with no name arrives in a run-down town in the Old West.

And though that sounds like the plot of a stereotypical western, Rango takes the cliches and tweaks them.

For one thing, this is no ordinary man; in fact, it’s not a man at all. The title character is a chameleon who can’t blend in because he has such a penchant for sticking out.

And his eccentricities lead to him becoming the sheriff of and savior for a town called Dirt, where the residents are down to their last drop of water. Continue reading

Accurately Named

28 Mar

The difference between average movies and very good ones usually comes down to one word: characters.

If the filmmakers can’t make you believe that the people on screen are real, that they have actual emotions and feelings, and if you don’t care what happens to them, then chances are good that they’re overcompensating with high-concept gimmicks, lame jokes, or special effects.

There’s no need for such things in Win Win, a film that’s special because it’s got great characters you can’t help but like and root for. Continue reading

He Can See Clearly Now

21 Mar

Nancy Reagan and South Park‘s Mr. Mackey would not be fans of Limitless, the new movie in which Bradley Cooper takes a drug that makes him smarter, faster … better.

Cooper plays Eddie Morra, a struggling writer in New York, who is introduced to the aforementioned smart pill, and is instantly able to write, predict stocks, outsmart others, dress better, and more. I’d let you predict what happens from there, but to its credit, the film’s plot is not entirely predictable.

Limitless is fast-moving and generally enjoyable, but I’ve gotta admit that it feels a bit too self-aware, like it’s trying too hard to be a hip and cool version of Flowers for Algernon or something.

There are worse ways to spend your time, but I’m only going to give Limitlessa B.

More Free Stuff Thanks to Twitter

1 Mar

You may recall that last summer, I used Twitter to get my entire office free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Aside from it being a great marketing program for Ben & Jerry’s, it was lots of fun for me.

To this day, I use the story as just one reason why I think Twitter is worthwhile. I mean, how can you argue with getting free stuff?

Well, guess what: It’s happened again. Continue reading

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