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He Can See Clearly Now

21 Mar

Nancy Reagan and South Park‘s Mr. Mackey would not be fans of Limitless, the new movie in which Bradley Cooper takes a drug that makes him smarter, faster … better.

Cooper plays Eddie Morra, a struggling writer in New York, who is introduced to the aforementioned smart pill, and is instantly able to write, predict stocks, outsmart others, dress better, and more. I’d let you predict what happens from there, but to its credit, the film’s plot is not entirely predictable.

Limitless is fast-moving and generally enjoyable, but I’ve gotta admit that it feels a bit too self-aware, like it’s trying too hard to be a hip and cool version of Flowers for Algernon or something.

There are worse ways to spend your time, but I’m only going to give Limitlessa B.

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