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Baking Up an Activity

30 Aug

I’m a traditional kind of guy, so when I get wind of a big storm approaching the area (no pun intended), I do what any domestic-minded person would do: I seek out a project to keep busy. After all, if I was going to be stuck indoors during a heavy rain and wind storm (as was predicted yesterday), I didn’t want to spend the entire day on my couch watching the funeral and burial of Ted Kennedy.

So what was my project? Well, I came across a new blog this week (new to me, anyway), Beantown Baker, and I decided to make one of the recipes I found there: Cookies-N-Cream Cupcakes. No cake mix involved; this was an actual recipe I had to follow, from scratch. So, after being rescued for the first half of the day (thanks, Kelly!), I got to work later in the afternoon (coincidentally, right as the storm started to subside)…. Aww screw it. Who cares about the story. Let me just cut to the chase: YUM. And, because I’m on a sort-of diet and don’t want to be a pig, I’m bringing most of the cakes in to work to share with my wonderful coworkers. (You’re welcome.)

You might say, as I did, mission accomplished: I avoided most of the funeral and burial, I kept busy with a project, I made good use of my kitchen, and I made something tasty. Actually, it’s kind of cool — between these and my whoopie pies, I’m developing a fun repertoire of snack foods. What will I cook next? All I need is another storm to find out. Stay tuned.

Starting a Legacy

30 Aug

I decided to drive down to Dedham today to check out the brand-new Legacy Place. Located at the intersection of Rte. 128 and the VFW Parkway (exit 15A on 128), the outdoor shopping center is a pretty nice place to spend some time. Sure, not all the stores and restaurants are open yet (many are due to open in the next two months, and at least a couple won’t be open till the spring), but the architecture and design of the place, plus some nice landscaping, make it a pleasant place to wander around. And that’s exactly what I did, stopping into L.L. Bean, City Sports, the Apple Store, the Showcase de Lux movie theater, Yankee Candle, and others. I also looked into the soon-to-open Whole Foods, Brooks Brothers, J.P. Licks, Met Bar & Grill, and Borders. I even bought something. It’s just a shame Legacy Place is only opening now, as summer draws to a close, because once the weather gets colder, I can’t see myself wanting to spend much time outdoors here. But for now, it’s a nice new place to go.

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