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Eat It

19 Aug

I don’t buy this whole diet thing. Oh, sure, you could probably tell by some of the things I post on here that I’m not the healthiest of eaters (exhibit a or exhibit b, anyone?). But in true Gemini style, there’s an opposite side of me that truly does want to lose some weight. And it’s been a constant struggle between the two sides for a long time now. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out which one is winning.

I don’t mind telling you that August was supposed to be the start of Martin Eats Healthy — or at least, Martin Eats Healthier. And I have made some impressive strides in that department (relatively speaking). For example, I rarely eat frozen chicken nuggets for dinner anymore. Now my meals consist more of actual meat — chicken, mostly. And instead of eating pasta as a side dish, I have either eaten corn on the cob, or broccoli, or carrots, or string beans, or some combination of them. For breakfast, I’ve stopped eating chocolate chip muffins, and now I eat a yogurt every day with some fruit (cantaloupe).

Generally, it’s alright. I have actually become somewhat addicted to corn on the cob this summer (much to the dismay of my teeth). But the yogurts? I have tried a few different flavors, and a couple different brands, but they all basically have the same tart taste, no matter what the flavor supposedly is. I’ve even been to that new place, Chill, in Cleveland Circle, and had the tart yogurt — but I have to say, it wasn’t great (I mean, compared to real ice cream, anyway). I’ve had salad for lunch, but it’s just not filling enough, and nor is a yogurt in the morning. A couple hours later and I’m hungry again.

Of course, I haven’t cut out bad foods entirely (still a few of those), but yeah, at least I’m trying. Eventually I’ll get it through my skull that eating better (relatively speaking) is only half the puzzle, and the other half is I need to exercise more. But that’ll happen in due time. Maybe if I start to see some actual results, it’ll encourage me to do more. But until then, I’m just not sure I’m cut out for this whole diet thing.

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