Lock Me Up

1 Jun

Here’s another story from the “Sometimes I Can Be Such a Moron” department

So as you know, Saturday night I went to see Dave Matthews Band at Fenway.

I drove my car to the St. Mary’s T stop on Beacon St., fed the parking meter, and hopped on the T to meet some friends at Bukowski’s.

As the train started to pull away, I thought to myself, “Wait a second. Did I lock my car door? Yes, of course I did. Why wouldn’t I? How could I forget that?”

(You know where this story is going, don’t you?)

Well, more than six hours later, when I returned to my car, I learned that sure enough, my door was unlocked.

Thankfully, though, everything was just as I remembered it and no one had stolen anything from me.


But I still felt awfully stupid, and since then, I’ve been really paranoid about locking the door (and doing it twice so I get the assurance of a beep).

How safe is Brookline?

As stupid as it was of me to forget to lock the door, I also had this thought: My car door was unlocked for more than six hours on a busy street, and despite all the foot traffic of people going to and from Fenway or just out for a Saturday night stroll, no one made any attempt to get into my car.

I guess that says a lot about how safe Brookline is, right? (Not that I’m going to make a habit of leaving my door unlocked in the future or anything.)

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