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You’ll Shoot His Eye Out, Kid

17 Jun

Unlike most people, I actually like jury duty.

I just find the whole process fascinating, and there’s always a good story to tell when the trial’s over.

However, until this week, I had never actually had the chance to sit on a jury and deliberate.

I came close, in 1996, when I was seated on the panel in a drug entrapment case in New York City. It was really cool, but after sitting through three days of arguments, I was sent home because I was only an alternate.

I was totally bummed.

So much, in fact, that I called the courthouse the next day to find out what the verdict was (innocent, just as I would have voted).

Three years ago, I was called to Foxborough for jury duty on a random Monday in August and hoped for the best … but, well, it was a random Monday in August, so there were no cases to try and I was sent home.

Fearing the same fate

When I received my summons to appear this week in Woburn, I anticipated the same fate. I even sent an email to coworkers telling them that I’d be back on Tuesday.

After all, what could possibly be going on in Woburn? Continue reading

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