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Whoa … Pretty Woman

24 Feb

People, look at this photo and tell me now you understand why I’m just a little obsessed with Jennifer Garner. Wow. She looks amazing. Click on the photo for a much bigger version. (Thanks to

Great with Social Cues

24 Feb

This is from Saturday’s back-from-the-strike, Tina-Fey-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live:

Prime Time

24 Feb

If I could eat every single meal — alright, fine, every single dinner — at Ruth’s Chris Steak House, I would be a very happy man.

(I’d probably also be really fat.)

Iceberg wedge salad with lemon basil dressing. (Mmmmmm.)

Filet mignon, medium, served on a sizzling-hot plate, with a dollop of butter to make it extra juicy. (Oh-my-God-beefy-goodness.)

Shoestring potatoes, seasoned just right. (Yum.)

Chocolate explosion cake. (So good.)

I love love love love love this restaurant. Just thinking about my meal Saturday night makes my mouth water.

When can I go back?

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