Candy Corn

19 Nov

You’ve been warned: Disney’s new movie Enchanted is just about the sugariest, sweetest movie I’ve ever seen. It’s strictly for those with a high tolerance for corn. The film begins in the most cliched Disney animated film ever, where Giselle (Amy Adams), friend to nearly every animal in the forest, is waiting for her true love’s kiss. Along rides Prince Edward (James Marsden), whose stepmother is the evil Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon), and the two instantly fall in love. Narissa hates Giselle, of course, and before Giselle and Edward can be married, Narissa throws Giselle down a well, where she lands in … Times Square, in non-animated reality. There she meets Rob (Patrick Dempsey), a divorce lawyer, and wouldn’t you know it, Giselle melts his cold, cynical heart. It’s all just so romantic and bright and cheery and colorful and happy. And New York (especially Central Park) has never looked better.

Not that this is actually a great movie (I figured now was a good time to say that). Dempsey gives a rather wooden performance, and even though this is a fairy tale, the story is a little too contrived and the scene at the King and Queen Ball (yes, really) is a little too hokey. But it’s just damned near impossible not to smile whenever Adams is on the screen. She and Marsden both give such enthusiastic performances that you can’t help but have fun watching the film. Also cool is seeing Idina Menzel in something other than Rent or Wicked (even though hers is a pretty thankless role). But yeah, don’t go see this movie unless you’re a sucker for Disney — or you’re a seven-year-old girl with a princess fetish. I’m giving Enchanted a B–.

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