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Will Music Soothe the Savage Beast?

12 Nov

One personality trait I’ve always been proud of is my ability to stay even-keeled and not let anything get me too bent out of shape. But every now and then, I do get really pissed off. If I’m at work when this happens, I just vent through some music. Green Day tends to come out at these times. If I want to internalize it and calm myself down, I listen to their “Give Me Novacaine.” But if I’m beyond internalizing, I put on something like “Basket Case.” Or maybe I’ll play something by the Killers. Perhaps “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine.” A few years back, I’d play something like Counting Crows’ “Have You Seen Me Lately?” So I put this question out to you, my dear readers: I’m really pissed off right now. What’s a good song to play? Put your answer below in the comments field. Thanks.

Turn On, Tune In, Turn Off

12 Nov

I said it a few weeks ago before the TV season began, but after Sunday night’s episode, it’s definite: Brothers & Sisters is my favorite show on TV. Dave Annable was so good — he’ll be nominated for awards for this episode — and the whole thing was great. It was definitely one of the top-3 best episodes ever for that show. If you’re not already watching Brothers & Sisters, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Sunday’s installment was overly dramatic and heavier than usual, but most episodes are a perfect blend of drama and comedy, and the cast’s chemistry is so good that it’s like they’re actually a family. In short, watching this show is a really enjoyable way to end the weekend (it’s on at 10pm). Unfortunately, due to the American Music Awards next week, Brothers & Sisters is not on again until November 25. Set your DVR now.

On the other hand, despite what I said only a month ago, I think I’m really starting to tire of Kid Nation. The show has just become way too formulaic, and the way it’s edited, it’s clear the producers are guiding the action (I mean, really. What’s the deal with that pioneer journal??). I’m still amused by Jared, but quite frankly, I can’t stand a whole handful of the kids and how self-righteous and spoiled and annoying they are (I’m talking about you, Divad and Taylor, and especially you, Mike). I know these kids are only, like, 11 (or younger), but they’re driving me nuts. And given how excited I was about this show, it’s a real bummer to say. So I’m hoping Kid Nation gets better because I’m not giving up on it just yet.

And back to the good: Amazing Race is back! This is far and away the best reality show on TV, thanks to its great casting and unpredictability, and the fact that every season is totally different in where the teams go and what they do there. And this season is already off to a good start. The goths have got to go, and the father/daughter team will likely be gone next week. Otherwise, I’m rooting for Lorena and Jason; I think they have the best chance of winning. There are nine teams left, and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.

If, by the way, you’re wondering how many of the shows I said I’d watch that I’m actually watching, you may be happy to know it’s a fraction of the list I predicted. Nothing on Monday or Tuesday; Wednesday is only Kid Nation; Thursday is 30 Rock, The Office, and Grey’s Anatomy; nothing on Friday or Saturday; and Sunday is Amazing Race and Brothers & Sisters. What can I say? I like what I like, and I had a hard time settling into the newbies.

Now, hopefully the WGA strike won’t foul up the current TV season too much …

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