What’s in a Name?

18 Nov

According to The New York Times and the 2000 census, Smith is still the most popular last name in America, followed by Johnson, Williams, Brown, and Jones.

What about Lieberman?

It ranks waaaaay way down at number 3,906. Apparently, only three out of every 100,000 people share my last name.

The good news, though, is that in 1990, Lieberman was ranked 4,571st, so we climbed 666 places in 10 years. That’s an impressive jump. Just five more and we overtake the Corraleses, 20 more until we overtake the Wentzes, and 150 more until we overtake the Munns.

And if we grow another 666 places by the time of the next census, we’ll overtake the Parrys.

Davis, for those who may be interested, came in 7th. Martin, as a last name, came in 17th.

And if I ever become famous and decide to take my middle name as my last name, I’d have the 89th most popular one.

Find your own last name here.

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